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Default Re: Sever's Disease in young child

Thank you for the link to the podiatry arena! Although I need a medical dictionary to comprehend all that I read, I did understand enough to know we haven't tried everything yet. What are NSAIDS? What is the "dumbed-down" explanation of a recalcitrant case?

In some of the posts, doctors mentioned putting patients with severe cases in casts for a few weeks. I'll ask our doctor about that option. It did depress me a little, though, reading the posts. One post suggested the condition can become chronic if not treated aggressively enough in the beginning. Maybe that is what happened in my son's case. Between the ages of 2 and 4 we could have "missed the boat" by not selecting his shoes more carefully, not using heel lifts in his shoes or not icing his heel twice a day for 20 minutes, etc. During that time, we were told by his general pediatrician to just limit his activity (take him out of tumbling classes at the YMCA) and give him over-the-counter pain relief when he was really hurting. My husband and I had never heard of Sever's and didn't understand why his heel hurt all the time. We assumed he strained it in gymnastics.

If it is truly not Sever's, then I know to keep asking questions and looking for the right specialist until an accurate diagnosis is made.

Tomorrow my son is being fitted for a rigid heel cup/protector. He is suppose to wear it inside his shoe. It was being made to also correct pronating (sp?) on that foot when he walks. Next week he gets his MRI. Hopefully he will soon be pain free. I really appreciate the responses and am so glad I found this forum!!!
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