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Hi- I'm experiencing the same problem. I see your post was from back in January, which is when my pain got so bad that I went to the dr, was diagnosed with a stress fracture and was put in a cast for 4 months. I'm out of the cast, but still dealing with pain and am using a bone stimulator to promote healing now. Would be interested in hearing how you're bone is doing and if it's healed yet and what you've done for treatment etc. Thanks.

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I am a freshman in college. I ran cross country and track for four years in high school. I occasionally had shin problems and had a metatarsal stress fracture my senior year of track, but I never had a sesamoid problem before. I recieved a scholorshop to run cross country at a college near St. Louis. I ran cross country there and had no problems. I continued training after the season ended as part of my training program. The bottom of my right foot started to hurt a little bit, but nothing that was going to keep me from running. I woke up one morning to realize that i couldnt flex my big toe. I thought I had re-injured my metatarsal(the one to the right of my big tow) but I later realized that it was a sesamoid problem. I couldnt push down at all without pain. The trainer said it should be fine in about a week, then I could run again. It wasnt. It got a little better after about 4 weeks, but hasnt really improved since. I took ibuprofen for many weeks and iced everyday until it simply did nothing. It had been almost 9 weeks, and after seeing an orthepedist a week ago, who ordered an MRI for me, and really doesnt know why it hasnt healed, I guess Im getting worried. I could probably tolerate running on it, but the amount of pain afterwards would be excrutiating. All I do now is work out and go on the stationary bike. It even hurts after getting off the bike, and also when I wake up in the morning. It feels better than the frist couple weeks, but hasnt gotten any better the past 4 or five weeks. The pain is not severe, but I would not be able to run.
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