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Default Re: Medial Sesamoid problems or Compressed Nerve?

thanks again for advice - I agree with most all of your thoughts. I've seen two orthopedists and three podiatrists in the Denver area, all of who came highly recommended. I do not believe any of them has accurately diagnosed my problem. I recently saw the two orthpedists because of my frustration at not getting help from the podiatrists. So far, every podiatrist has made a vague diagnosis of sesamoiditis, even though my pain is nearer to the first MTP joint. They then recommend a standard regimen of orthotics, which has not proven helpful. One orthopedist thinks I have a compressed proper plantar digital nerve (and he wants to decompress the nerve), and the other wants to have a bone scan to check for a medial sesamoid problem. In your experience, how useful is a bone scan in detecting a sesamoid problem?
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