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Default Re: Medial Sesamoid problems or Compressed Nerve?

I recieved the injection a week ago today, and it was not helpful. I also have the results of a bone scan, which were negative as follows:

Findings; Flow portion of the study, if anything, shows more flow through asymptomatic right foot than to the left, possibly due to overuse of the right. Blood pool images show show no abnormal activity on either side.

Delayed images show mild increased activity at the base of the first metatarsal bilaterally and likely due to some mild arthitic change. No abnormal activity is seen about the first metatarsalphalangeal joint or in the region of the sesamoid bones of the left foot.

Impression: Minimal increased activity, base of the metatarsal of both feet and likely due to mild arthitic changes. No other abnormal activity is seen in the region of the left metatarsophanangeal joint of its associated sesamoid bones.

A physical therapist I am seeing is convinced I have a tendonosis (degeneration of the tendon) of the FHL tendon. Does that sound possible?

I also understand that bone scans can be negative even though one has AVN of one or both of the sesamoid bones.

Any thoughts?
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