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Default Re: Sever's Disease in young child

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It has been a long journey since I last posted about my son's heel pain in August '08. You were right to suspect Sever's disease was not the cause of his pain since he was so young at onset of symptoms. After two MRIs, two ultrasounds, and a genetics consultation, my son has been diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF). His pain is from tumors growing on his nerves. The doctors told us there are too many tumors in his left foot to count them all. Most are very small but the larger ones are causing him significant pain.

We have tried one experimental procedure that wasn't effective so now we are trying another which leads me to ask...

Does anyone have experience with Radio Frequency Ablation? I've read it has been used to treat pain caused by arthritis. If you have used this treatment, was it beneficial?

Thank you!
Although symptoms may present in the feet, neurofibromatosis is not a foot condition, and I don't think you'll obtain much health in this forum. I would advise checking with the Children's Tumor Foundation. They have a web site at
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