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Default Re: plantar fibromas

No cure that I know of. :-( Having had 2 surgeries in '92 & '94 on my right foot to remove 2 lumps, more have grown back replacing the others. A year ago, my left foot grew one in the same spot, the arch & Kaiser shot me with steroids, which made it grow from pea-size to baseball size within one year. They refused to do the surgery, saying it's too life threatening & I could end up paralyzed, etc., so I went to the Foot & Ankel Institute for a consultation & they said it's NOT life threatening, nor will I end up paralyzed (even I knew that) & they could do each surgical procedure for $3800+. I have 4 problems (1 bunion & pf lumps pr/foot), so you do the math. This is a painful & crushing problem to live with as I can't fit women's shoes anymore, barely fit mens & can't get an ofc job wearing men's boots. Needless to say, I don't have a man/bf either; it's ruining my life. Despite this painful hindrance, hiking is still my fav hobby. Not sure if being active all my life has anything to do with this or if it's just hereditary, as my grandmother had them too. What to do, what to do...
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