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Default Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

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I have a rather large plantar fibroma. I've had it for some time now and recently it has become extremely painful. I'm seeing a podiatrist on Monday desperate for some relief. I can only assume that the pain is now present because of the increase in size. Will injections help to decease the size of this thing?
I had them in both my feet, first right had surgury, doc did a good job.2 years later had left done doc didn't do a good job , now 2 years later they are back in both of my feet, left is worse. I was never told they would grow back until after second surgury. I had a cortizone shot in the left foot at a doc's office, very painfull and the cysts didn't shrink. then I went to a pain specialist, they put me partial out and gave me 3 cortizone shots in each foot, they shrunk the cysts, but I now get muscle spasms in my feet, but I can aleast stand on my feet.
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