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Default Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

Hi Everyone,

I have a fibroma on my right foot for over two years now and in my case the pain has become more manageable with better footwear for my arches, constant stretching and a hell of a lot of rubbing and deep massages.

From reading some of the testimonials in this forum it seems as though the manner in which the fibroma can affect someone ranges from mild to extreme. I believe my fibroma was caused from trauma to the plantar facitis whilst i was training for a marathon. My training came to an end when I thought that I "pulled" the tendon under my foot. The pain was really severe for a couple of months and when it finally reached a manageable level I tried to play soccer with some buddies and when I was taking off my football socks realized that there was this bump the size of a small olive on the tendon itself.

The next day I went to a doctor and she told me what it was. She recommended that I do not consider surgery as there is no guarantee that it would not come back as well as it can even cause more problems. She also told me that I can go ahead and play soccer and continue running due to the location of the fibroma. At first I thought she was nuts, because I could have barely passed the ball when I was on the field. But, today I am running and playing soccer every week and the pain is almost non existent. Although at times after an intense game I may experience a sort of throbbing burning type of pain, but after some time it goes away.

So in short, if it is a small fibroma I wont worry about it!
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