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Default Re: sesamoid wont heal - Get workout/balance shoes!

I have minor sesamoiditis because I started running again.

I haven't found a solution yet but I've been trying some things I've read about online. I created a doughnut shape out of an insole and placed it under my running shoe insoles to make a little pocket for the ball of my foot (right under my big toe) to support the surrounding area. It kept me from feeling foot pain during my half marathon, but I still had sensitivity walking afterwards (not nearly as much as I expected to have though). I'm afraid of continuing to run because I know what happens when it gets bad and just hurts all the time.

Daily walking/standing tip: Because walking exacerbates the problem when I'm not running, I'm turning to solutions there. My best one so far (aside from trying not to bend my big toe too much) is to wear balance shoes (e.g., Sketcher Shape-Ups or MBT shoes/sandals). They force you to use the middle of your foot to stand so there's almost no pressure under my tender sesamoids. I'm wearing them nonstop now. There's immediate pain relief when I put them on, but I'm not sure yet what the long-term results will be for my running ability.
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