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Default Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

I work 12 hr shifts, production assembly, in steel toes, on concrete floors. (Best described as "steel toe aerobics"). In Jan. 2011, I began to experience sharp pain in my right foot, mostly when I was resting or sleeping. I found multiple knots in the arch of that foot, about the size of pencil erasers. Being hard headed, I ignored it until about May 2011, at that point I couldn't handle the pain anymore. 2 of the knots had reached the size of 2 liter bottle caps. I went to a podiatrist and we counted 8 knots on my right and 2 on my left arch. The 2 big knots were on my right foot.
Listen to me....
DO NOT have these surgically removed, because it can cripple you for life. There are doctors who practice this and I'm telling you right now, I know two ppl, who are crippled from that procedure. I take steroid injections and use self-therapy(deep penetrating salves) and currently on light duty, to combat this and it is working. The knots are almost gone. Unfortunately, I'll never be rid of fibromas, because of what my job requires, it can easily return. It has changed my life, as I am battling for a new position (off of my feet) at work just because of the knots and the pain can be unbearable. Currently, my recovery has put me on track to be off light duty in a few weeks.
I feel for anyone with this condition.
If anyone has any questions about proper treatment, please email me at
I would be glad to help, because Pp, and your family.
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