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Default Re: Sever's Disease in young child

I appreciate your prompt response and I've thought about this situation for several days before replying. I know you cannot give me advice concerning treatment. I was asking to be directed to other sources of information not readily found when doing a basic search on the Internet concerning Sever's in very young children. I've spent hours doing general web page searching, using some great medical databases available with my public library card, etc. but I haven't been able to locate any studies done that look specifically at Sever's in young children. Do you know of any? We have tried all the traditional treatments that are described on the web and by our doctors. Are any doctors in the world trying to find new ones? Are any studies being done?

My husband and I decided that we wouldn't restrict our son from all sports because he is in pain all year round and it is not practical to keep an active, otherwise healthy seven-year-old from running occassionally. We would have to strap him in a wheelchair with restraints to keep him from running and jumping everyday. We don't want to do that. We also don't want inactivity to cause any weight problems so common in children today. According to our pediatrician, our son is at an ideal weight for his height and size.

Playing baseball doesn't cause the pain to increase. He has played two years of t-ball and this year he played coach pitch -- definitely not as stressful to his body as major league baseball. He stands in the outfield most of the time and often needs reminded to keep his glove on and stop picking grass. He is in the same amount of pain in the middle of a winter in Ohio when he doesn't get nearly as much daily exercise. To prevent him from being active as a method to reduce the pain, would cause him social problems at school. He would be the odd kid in the class who couldn't go out to recess or participate in gym.

All of his symptoms point to Sever's. Maybe that diagnosis is wrong. But if not, my son has many more years of pain ahead of him. The information I read on the Internet make it sound like something that is easily treated in a few weeks or months and is not a major concern/problem. For my son, it is serious, and I am trying to find out if any doctors and/or researchers are looking for new treatments.

If you can post the titles and pertinent information of any recent articles or research reports on Sever's, I can try to request them through my local libraries if they are not available to the public online. Thanks so much!
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