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Default Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

I've had plantar fibromas for 10 yrs. now. I started with cortisone shots. They were excruciating and didn't do a thing. I've had 3 surgeries and all they do is come back in mass and bigger than before. Last year I had the plantar fascia release (they cut one of the tendons in your calf and it releases the tendon to give more flexibility in the foot. It isn't supposed to cure them, but it's supposed to keep more from growing and the existing ones from getting larger. Mine have continued to grow on both feet. I also tried the Verapamil and laser treatments, and that was a big waste of money (not covered by insurance). I'm desperate to find something that works. I'm going to try stretching. Does anyone know of a salve or cream that works to shrink them in conjunction with the stretching?
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