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Smile Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

I have had this condition for 15 years and it started by running on a treadmill in the fully inclined position. This apparently tramatized my arches causing severe pain to the point I can not longer run without pain. My best results for pain relief have been foot massages from a Chinese reflexologist at the Northlake Mall in Charlotte NC. It was painful when he was pressing on my feet but felt much better afterwards for a few days. I also have got quite a bit of relief from Dr. Scholls inserts and have found that firmer sole shoes are better than soft ones. I am going to try streching as I am very inflexible anyway. I'm a 44yr old male in good shape and enjoy walking and stand on my job half the day, so I have to manage the pain and surgery is not an option. It is somewhat dissappointing to learn that they do not go away on their own and there is not common treatment to make them go away. Both of my arches have about 6-7 small knots that extend in a row through the fascia plantar, which I refer to as my arches. Thanks to everyone for the helpful advice. It's nice to get some new insight into this without having to go see a foot doctor
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