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Default Re: sesamoid wont heal

I have been suffering from sesamoiditis for about 3 years now. I have tried pretty much everything. The bad news is that when youíre diagnosed with sesamoiditis you will have it for life. It will never go. Be aware there are many doctors out there that have no idea how to properly treat this condition, but will claim to do so.

With regards to a few treatments mentioned on here I would say Acupuncture is a waste of time and money as pain relief is not guaranteed for everyone - any pain relief that is experienced is very short term, i.e. 1 or 2 weeks. Bone Simulators will not work as they are only supposed to help with fractures. Orthotics will also not work on sesamoiditis, plz donít waste money buying these very expensive insoles. The whole point of orthotics is to help the wearer redistribute weight but that canít be done for ball of the foot problems because no matter how much redistribution there is you will always be putting weight on your sesamoids. However, the suggestion of sketchers is an interesting one if they force the wearer to use the middle part of the foot. I am going to look into this Ė thanks!

Other treatments available are Cortisone injections which are not very effective.

One thing I did find that gave me 100% relief was being injected with hyaluronic acid (synvisc), what this does is lubricates the area and also acts as a shock absorber. But it is very short term relief 1 to 3 months depending on who is injecting it, if not injected deep enough, which was done to me one time by an inexperienced doctor it will probably last only a month. It is an expensive treatment, and will have to be done forever if you do sports like me.

The best treatment for sesamoidistis is do nothing or to stop doing the sport which is causing the problem in the first place. If not it will be a lifelong treatment of Synvisc.
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