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Default Re: sesamoid wont heal

Have you tried castor oil at all? I've had a problem with sesamoiditis as well as a bone spur at the left big toe, and I've tried all kinds of remedies. The other day I read a post about someone who had a bone spur and used a combo of castor oil and Vicks Vapo Rub and felt tremendous relief, or a cure, after only 11 days. I bought The Palma Christi castor oil at Whole Foods for $10 (I'm sure you could get it for less elsewhere, but to me it was worth it to get the best after all the misery). Initially I started using the castor oil/Vicks combo, but switched to just slathering both feet (as I have problems with itching and burning on both feet now as well as sesamoiditis and a bone spur on my left foot - can I take any more of this???) with castor oil at night and putting some socks on, and repeating each night. Even though my left foot was bothering me for awhile at night, by morning I could walk better on it than the day before.

With me, remedies have worked for a bit, but then the pain comes back again. I have found that with the castor oil, my swelling is less, and I can definitely walk much better on my foot.

You might try either the combo or castor oil alone and see what it does for you. It's worth a try. Personally, I can't believe I've had this condition since September of 2010, and it'll feel like a miracle if this works!

Time will tell if it truly heals, but I think it's worth a try!
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