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Smile Re: Best treatment for small plantar fibroma?

My brother has these lumps and so do I, I am female and have lived with them for approx 6 years my brother has lived with them for about 14 years. My lumps in my right foot had a slow start then have had a quick growth spurt i guess there are about 8 of them which are very painful.....but to my dismay the left foot has 2 which have grown very quickly and are already the size of 2 grapes. My brother sought medical help about 8 years ago and was told that people who are active are more prone to getting them and to leave them well alone. Last year I sought medical advice and guess what???? Leave them well alone! My right foot is very painful and reading all the posts can see I am not alone. My brother insists that his lumps on his feet are not as large as they were but to me they still look unsightly and large. So I am sorry I cannot help or recommend any magical cure but only to say to help yourselves by keeping your feet as comfortable as possible!
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