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Subungual exostosis and other related pain

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Old 28th April 2012, 09:42 AM
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Default Subungual exostosis and other related pain

Hi all,

I have a Subungual Exostosis on the right side of my left big toe which I have seen a Podiatric Consultant about and will be having it operated on at the end of June (our agreement due to my circumstances). The exostosis itself caused me pain initially but doesn't anymore as the majority of it is next to the nail apart from a small portion which is under the nail. Initially the nail was still able to grow over it however at this point I think the exostosis has got so big (it's now as long as the entire length of my nail) that the nail has stopped being able to grow on that side and I'm now feeling some pain in the proximal nail fold on the side of the toe that the exostosis is on. It feels quite tender to touch and there almost feels like there's a bump or a ridge there. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Is it because my nail is still trying to grow but can't push through due to the exostosis? Is there anything I can do or should I speak to my consultant about it on Monday?

Many thanks
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