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golf+old shoes+new shoes=pain

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Old 28th June 2008, 01:27 PM
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Hi guys,

Last Sunday I had no foot pain at all. BTW, I'm a 35 year old right handed male. I have also been wearing the same pair of new balance athletic shoes for 3+ years on a daily basis. It may even be 4+ years; I truly don't remember when I bought those shoes.

On Sunday 6/22/08 I hit golf balls for about 4 hours and didn't experience any pain while doing so.

On Monday I felt some very sharp stabbing pain on the top right side of my right foot about an inch behind my small toe whenever I moved my toes. It hurt the most when I first put my foot on the ground and when I picked it back up. After walking on it for 20 to 30 minutes, the sharpness faded to a dull ache and I could more or less walk normally. I just figured I had over done it that previous Sunday and a friend suggested that I might need new shoes.

The pain continued on Tues, and Wed. On Wed I went and got a new pair of cross trainers from new balance and they felt pretty good. I wore them all day Wed, Thurs, and Fri. I have been noticeably limping since Thursday on my right foot. Last night, I began having some discomfort in my left foot also.

This morning, I'm still in a great deal of pain when walking and my left foot, which was pain free until Thursday, is also causing me pain in the same area of my left foot. The pain is concentrated about an inch behind my small toe, on the left side of my left foot. It's not as bad as the right, but its appearance is what concerns me most.

I’ll also mention that I play pool 3 times per week, so I was up and walking around a lot on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights for about 5 hours each night.

Given how old my other shoes were, do I just need to get used to these new ones?

Should I wear the new ones intermittently while I get used to them, maybe one day new shoes, next day old shoes?

Ibuprofen makes the pain in my right foot tolerable, but I don't like taking stuff unless I really need it, got any suggestions that might give me some relief?

Thanks for reading and any information anyone can give me would be welcome.
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Old 28th June 2008, 09:21 PM
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Default Re: golf+old shoes+new shoes=pain

You have related only symptoms of pain, but curiously when it came to the thing that cocerns you the most . . . it's appearance . . you fail to describe that appearance that troubles you so. In any event, the mere citing of a location of pain is rarely if ever sufficient to make any more than a blind guess at a diagnosis, and without a diagnosis treatment a treatment recommendation would be irresponsible. See a podiatrist for a diagnosis and then ask questions here about such a diagnosis and general treatment recommendations.
Foot Doc
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