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How long does Tendon/Ligament on foot take to head after surgery

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Old 26th July 2009, 03:50 AM
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Default How long does Tendon/Ligament on foot take to head after surgery

My husband is in the Army and he was supposed to get out in October of this year, but they are saying he is leaving to Afghanistan because he became stop lossed. He had been trying to get seen for left foot pain for the last 9 months, although he had gone to the Army Dr. a couple of years ago with the complaint. Finally they did an exam and found out he has multiple tendons and ligaments that are from mild to moderate in damage. I tried asking him right now which ones they were and he said his report was in his truck and was in bed already ( I had moved back home last month to start a new job because we thought he was getting out soon) So the Army Dr. told him that he needs surgery and called the specialist and asked him how soon he could get the surgery. He said some time in August. I start teaching in August so I am really worried about the situation. I was wondering if he had foot surgery to repair the tendons and ligaments, how long would it take for him to heal. They are thinking of sending him in November to Afghanistan after the surgery. How long might he be unable to walk on his left foot? I know you all do not know his full diagnosis but just an idea of the average time a person needs to heal for 5 tendons and ligaments injured after surgery. I am worried he will be sent to Afghanistan with his foot not completely healed because that's how the military is. I know he needs physical therapy but they are saying they have physical therapy in Afghanistan..... So basically he will be traveling to a hot country carrying a whole bunch of supplies while his foot is still healing. I imagine him and I being old and him asking me to rub his foot... yeah, the Army will not be there to do that for him. Sorry about the long message and not being able to provide the name of the tendons and ligaments. I know that the aquilles is not damaged and the one that makes the toes move is not either.

Thanks a lot
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Old 26th July 2009, 04:14 AM
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Default Re: How long does Tendon/Ligament on foot take to head after surgery

It's not really possible to attempt to responsibly answer such a question as yours when having so little information to go on. You have been able to offer no clues as to the underlying injury, which tendons and ligaments are involved, what sort of surgery is contemplated and what his army job requires as far as foot stresses are concerned. These topics represent the most basic information required to in any way offer an answer. I think it goes without say, though, that a premature return to duty would likely be a recipe for problems, both immediate and long term. That judgment can be made only in real time.
Foot Doc

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