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Unable to identify foot lumps

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Old 30th January 2011, 07:17 PM
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Default Unable to identify foot lumps

I get painful pea-sized bumps on the soles of my feet - often in the plantar fascia area and often after walking long distances. They don't occur all the time and not always on the same foot and not always in the same place.
The first podiatrist ruled out many thing, but couldn't identify; but injected cortisone, which helped.
I moved to another area and saw a podiatrist who refused to inject without knowing what the bumps were. I have had MRI, MRI with contrast and ultrasound. Some of the results were sent to experts in other states. Nobody can seem to tell me what these bumps are. Those who looked at the ultrasound were baffled and said that they had never seen such a thing. They said that the bumps were neither solid nor liquid.
Surely, I can't be the only person in the world with this problem. I am to the point where I think that aliens take up occasional residence in my feet.
I have spent lots of time and money trying to figure this out. I know that nobody can diagnose on the internet, but seems that tests don't indicate anything either.
What should be my next step? Is there somewhere else my podiatrist could contact to get other opinions on the results?
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Old 3rd February 2011, 05:40 PM
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Default Re: Unable to identify foot lumps

It is very hard to say what your condition is without seeing and feeling these lumps. The good thing though is that there is a pattern of sorts and these lumps are related to increased activity. There has to be an underlying mechanical problem putting stress on the plantar fascia. If you came into my clinic I would look closely at your footwear and how it fits as well as assess how your feet are functioning. If you have not had your feet measured when buying footwear and/or your current footwear is worn or over 1 year old then you should go to a good shoe store in your community and be properly fitted with new shoes. If the problem persists then seek a second opinion regarding the structure and function of your feet. I think everyone is caught up in identifying the lumps rather then asking "What is causing them?"
Good luck
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