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White "spots" on bottom of foot

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Old 27th May 2015, 11:33 PM
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Default White "spots" on bottom of foot

It is the weirdest thing. I have them on both feet, both on the ball of the foot. They are pure white, like vanilla ice cream. At first I thought I stepped on toilet paper, but it turned out not to be. They seem to be softer than the rest of my skin, and I can faintly feel it when I touch them. They move around more than the rest of my skin and are mostly flat. I noticed it just after I got out of the shower. It isn't irritating or painful whatsoever, so that means I don't know how long it has been there, I don't look at my feet when washing them. I thought it was dead skin, but I didn't think dead skin looked this pure white and consistent. I have had dead skin on my feet, and it is dry and cracked. These spots are soft with no breaking. I think they may be giving off a smell, but that most likely is just me. One more thing, they stick out a little bit from the rest of my skin.
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