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Strange bump on my large toe.

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Old 2nd June 2009, 07:18 AM
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Default Strange bump on my large toe.

Hello everyone!

I was hoping someone might have some idea as to what is going on with my toe.

I have developed a largish bump, maybe 1 by 2 cm and oval shape. It is not painful, rather feelings are dulled to the point of it almost feeling like dead skin, except it clearly is not. It is soft, and possibly fluid filled, but it is hard to judge. It doesn't protrude too far from the skin, and because it is large, it almost blends into the shape of the toe making the whole toe look a bit swollen on the inside, but it is definitely a discrete object. It has no discoloration, and it is quite easy to miss visually, until it is pointed out. The skin feels strangely soft, where as on the opposite toe on the opposing foot it is normally slightly callused in the same location.

I do some rock climbing and wear some tight shoes if that is a factor.

When I am rock climbing and I put all my weight on my toes, it can cause a good bit of pain, like I am pinching a nerve. I can feel it at no other time...a person who did not rock climb would never know about the symptom.

Any ideas?
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Old 2nd June 2009, 02:28 PM
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Default Re: Strange bump on my large toe.

As with so many problems that folks write in here to be diagnosed, the descriptions, although in some detail, are often not medical grade and tend to assert lay opinion as fact, which may or may not be the case. Although the bump may be strange to YOU, it well might be something that a podiatrist sees frequently. It would seem to me that your best and most productive course of action would be to have a professional hands-on diagnosis, and then, if you still need assistance in precisely what it is or how it can be treated or why your doctor may have selective one form of treatment and the pros and cons of that decision or if their are alternatives, THAT would make a good topic for a post. Forums are not equipped with the required tools for diagnosis, especially when only lay descriptions are available which might not be as a doctor is use to hearing them. "Any ideas?" are only productive if they are correct, otherwise they simply muddy the waters and might even cause harmful treatment to be tried.
Foot Doc

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Old 26th August 2012, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: Strange bump on my large toe.

it sounds to me that it maybe a bursal sac that has disteneded.
Treastment is to strap the swelling down in two directions to prevent any movement of mthe area if this is donre for two weeks it may subside. If not seek the opinion of a good podiatrist
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