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New job, pain in ankles

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Old 27th February 2011, 11:01 AM
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Default New job, pain in ankles

* where does it hurt

On the inner foot, near the heel, just under the ankle bone

* how long has it hurt for

2 weeks
* how bad is the pain

Pretty bad, at times

* what where you doing when it started


* what have you done for it so far

Soaking in hot bath and icing just after I get home from work

* anything relieve it

The hot soaks seem to help quite a bit

* what have you been told about it so far
Nothing so far

* is it affecting your ability to work or play sport
Not really

* do you have any other sorts of symptoms

* what country you are in


Here's the deal. I was unemployed for a year and a half and just started a new job 2 weeks ago. For the year and a half I pretty much lived in flip flops and ballet slippers. Now I'm wearing tennis shoes again on a daily basis (8 hours/day the first week, now 10 hours/day of almost constant standing and walking). The pain started on the second night of work. I originally had pain in the bottom of my feet just at the very back of the heel, but that has gone away now. But the pain on the inner foot is as bad as ever. It's sore to the touch, it's painful to walk on. It is worse in the right foot than the left, but that could be because I have bone spurs in my left knee and I tend to limp a bit. But there's no bruising and no swelling. I keep thinking it's just me getting used to having regular shoes on again and that I'll get used to it. But since I'm no doctor, who knows. And I can't afford to go see a doc until my insurance kicks in at the 90 day mark. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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foot pain, heel pain, no swelling

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