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Screw removal from foot

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Old 10th July 2011, 08:57 PM
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Default Screw removal from foot

I had a 2.5 mm screw fixation for my 5th metatarsil.
It is now 7 months since the surgery and I have alot of pain - burning and aching along the bone.
The screw is aligned properly - as per x-ray and MRI.
What is the percentage of people who need the screws removed?
There is no guarantee it will be any better - and it is another surgery and recovery.

I'd like to hear your experiences - as I will need to make a decision.

Thanks so much!
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Old 11th July 2011, 01:42 PM
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Default Re: Screw removal from foot

In fixation of a fracture, a screw has served its function when the bone properly heals. I have no idea as to whether the screw is causing your problems, and cannot advise whether or not it needs to be removed, but, although I'm sure you can find someone who has a horror story to tell, such a screw removal is generally a quick and simple surgery which generally does not precipitate a lengthy or difficult post-operative period. Knowing the percentage of screws which are removed will offer no real help in determining if that is your problem or making your decision.
Foot Doc
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Old 12th July 2011, 01:55 AM
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Default Re: Screw removal from foot

Thank you.
I'll see the surgeon again in a few weeks, although he already said it's up to me and there are no guarantees. It very well could be the screw....or not.

I had the surgery 8 months after conservative treatment with another doctor - boot for 4 months and then he told me to put my shoes/sandals back on and walk. Needless to say it was agony and finally I got another opinion from a well known specialist and had surgery 2 weeks later - and evidently, it has healed well - as I went to one more specialist about 2 months ago to see if he had any thoughts on the continuing pain.

The 3rd surgeon knew my doctor (2nd one who did the surgery) and he said it looked very good and that my doctor is very gifted - but the 8 months of walking on it previously may not have healed the collateral damage - and another few months will tell us. However, he thought the screw removal was a good option - but also said - no guarantees.

Well, it's another two months and the pain is the same and you can see the bone sticking out - not sure if I see the screw head or not.

Ok - thanks!
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Old 11th January 2012, 08:27 AM
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Red face Re: Screw removal from foot

Hey :-) I'm going on almost 2 years since I had my surgery on my foot, I have fibromyalisha (still can't spell that lol) and I tripped over a bike and crushed all the bones pretty much in my right foot. I have a metal plate holding everything together with 8 screws and 4 pins. My recovery was so painful. I spend 6 hours in surgery and 5 months not walking, and still to this day have problems walking, the alternitive was not being able to walk so I took the surgery. I would get the screw out if you can, I have so much pain and I've been told they will never come out because most of the bones crushed into dust. I know the frustration that comes with this because I have the fibro pain as well. Only u can decide what ur going to do....but if u can get it out I've heard its very easy with half the down time, I can't say with the pain because I don't know ur tollarence to pain. Do what u feel is right for you and make sure u get more than one opion just to be safe. U may not have given it enough time also, because I still had sooo much pain, and its worse with cold. Good luck and I wish u the best in ur adventure to figuring out when u need and want.

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