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Pain and possibly plantar wart along plantar?

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by Mr. B, Jul 7, 2020.

  1. Mr. B

    Mr. B New Member


    Just spotted this forum while trolling,,,,,,,,,,,, So if anyone is bored outta their mind, here's my little story.

    Recently I've had increasing pain in the plantar "pad" below my toes. Specifically along the pad under my second smallest toe.

    It seemed to really flare up when I used an old pair of sneakers as my other main pair got soaked taking dog swimming about a week ago. I used these same sneakers to go to work just a few days an then all of a sudden, quite a bit of pain in the plantar area on where the smaller toes are. The step for me in these sneakers was all wrong and I should have know better than to wear them. Every step seem to land on the plantar pad of my foot first.

    I've been doing more walking for the last 3 weeks with dog as GF is visiting daughter / granddaughter out of state.

    The most comfort I found over the last days was wearing my cheapo Okabashi rubber sandals. I even wore them to walk the dog and not so bad! So I'm thinking number one, I've gotta get inner soles shaped similar to the sandals. I have a foot doc, so if necessary I will visit. I just started the new calendar year and my goal was to not have to go to any specialist for a year and save the $750 deductible which resets every July 1 for my healthplan. And this started about 5 days ago. How am I doing?

    Without actually looking while this got sore I was trying to rub / massage the sore area of this same plantar and I felt like a BB size bump but didn't LOOK at it. So I just did today it's kind of white with a black dot in the middle of it. It's about 1 1/4 inches back on my plantar from 2nd smallest toe. and a little sensitive rubbing over it. That's #4 position on the plantar right? I had a plantar's wart removed 1 million years BC ago and it kind of looks like that................ So being a guy from "Old School, maybe it's a sliver and a hot water soak and a pair of nail clippers..........I can get it tender and see if I can keep clipping that area out slowly and maybe a sliver will come out............

    Note: I had a Morton's Neuroma excision done along that plain about 20 years ago between 2nd/3rd toe....... They say that can come back.

    Most of the inner soles I've been using lately are relatively flat, so I'm going "sole" hunting tomorrow.

    Any bored experts on here?

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