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Bunion Surgery 10 months ago and bunion is back --Completely!

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by siggywiggywald, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. siggywiggywald

    siggywiggywald New Member

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    Hey Guys,
    I had the bunion on my right foot removed in November of 2011 (10 months ago). I stayed off of my foot for 6 weeks-crutches only. Then moved on to using crutches and my boot, just putting weight on my heel. Then, 2 months later I was wearing my boot without crutches. So, in total, my foot had very little pressure on it for 3 months.

    During that time my foot was great. The X-rays post surgery showed a perfect foot. Then, almost immediately when I stopped wearing my boot and started going to physical therapy I noticed it looked bigger. Because there was still a lot of swelling, I figured I was just seeing that. Since the X-rays were good, I thought, my foot must be fine.

    I was wrong. My foot isn't swollen, my bunion is back in full force and with way more pain and stiffness now that before the surgery. I live in New York City and have to walk everywhere and it throbs constantly. As you can imagine, I am furious.

    Has anyone heard of this happening? If so, do you know how it could happen? I have heard of bunions coming back after 10 years, but never 10 months. My theory (which is based on just guessing) is that my doctor must have assessed what caused my bunion wrong and based on that wrong diagnosis performed the wrong kind of bunion surgery on me. After all, if he had addressed the real cause cause it to come back immediately...right?...maybe?

    Second, has anyone filed a lawsuit for something like this? I hate to think I am going to be someone who could sue someone else, but all of this foot pain is making me feel like I want to. I understand that mistakes happen and most of the time I am very forgiving, but when it means that I am going to be in pain all of the time, it is tough to forgive. Additionally, it means that I can no longer dance which is something I have done for the past 26 years.

    Any other thoughts are welcome.

  2. AussiePod

    AussiePod New Member

    You should see another foot specialist for an opinion.

    Just because the foot hurts again, doesn't mean the surgery failed.
    It might even be an unrelated problem.

    Have you had new xrays done. If so, what is the first inter-metatarsal angle and hallux valgus angle? how does this compare to immediately before and after surgery.
    These two angles are the best way to objectively assess the severity of a bunion.

    You may be experiencing pain and swelling due to bursitis/swelling from giving the toe too much work too soon (10 months isn't a lot of time as far a surgeries go.)

    The surgery may have failed, but this doesn't mean it is the fault of the surgeon.

    Before you jump on the litigation bandwagon, get a second opinion from a specialist, and try a few conservative treatment such as rest and ice.

    I'm not trying to say that suing wouldn't be justified, but it will be a long and difficult process, so you'd want to be sure that it''s a good idea.

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