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Concerns after bunion surgery

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by lisssasue, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. lisssasue

    lisssasue New Member

    I had surgery in august of 2011. I apologize that I dont have specific description, so here is what it says on the referral... and I will do my best...
    hallux valgus w/wo sesamoidec
    metatarsal osteotomy

    Appreciate any help with the little info I have given....
    Here is how I understand things...
    I have an incisions on the outside of my big toe, between my big toe and second toe (almost 2 inches) and on the outside of my pinky toe (this one is not listed on referral because it was decided upon at last minute)
    I had significant and constant shooting pains in my big toe joint before surgery. I also had pain in the ball of my foot on a daily basis.
    My doctor had me wear pads (instruments of torture...) ice, specific shoes etc for about 3 months before surgery with no result.
    Surgery was done (3 procedures)
    recovery was as expected, only concern was incision between big toe and second toe. Stitch seemed too tight and was VERY painful. Although doctor said it was fine. It billowed out from both sides of stitch almost looked quilted...
    I have worked hard to rehab my foot and am able to more than I expected by this point. I can wear most shoes for a short time. I am back on the tennis court etc. I have pain including nerve pain/tingle but feel that it is continuing to subsided (lots of massages)
    My main concern is my second toe. Before the surgery (and apparently due to the bunion) it was longer than my big toe, this has been corrected but now it sticks up. I have maybe 5% purposeful movement. I cannot straighten it nor does it bend down at all! It flops when I walk and catches on my pants every time I get dressed. It does not seems to be tight like a hammer toe (from pics I have seen online), but it sits up off the floor when I stand. It appears that with this toe up, the next two toes are turning and sliding under it. The second toe and the two turning toes have become VERY painful. If I sit on the ground or kneel down I have to actually arrange my toes or they pop out of place and its very odd/uncomfortable, specifically the second toe which really hurts if not arranged properly; even arranging them does not allow me to sit on ground or kneel except for a short time. I can walk barefoot for a short period, but i dont do it.
    I have tried:
    massaging my foot every night which has helped greatly with the big toe, but have not seen any improvement in the second toe.
    exercises...Bunching a towel, picking up marbles, stretching
    toe spacers

    I am nervous the surgery was done wrong. With the movement, turning and rolling under of my toes not even quite 6 months after surgery.
    I am very active, I was before surgery just with pain. Although the original pain that I associated with the bunion is gone, I am scared about the movement of my toes and where I will be this time next year if I let it be.
    The second toe is most of my pain and my biggest concern, only second to the next two toes going under.

    I know I have not given all medical specifics, and I truly appreciate any info that I can get.
    Thank you

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