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Curly toes=?, "Correct Toes" & Spacers

Discussion in 'Ask your questions here' started by travelinhobo, Jan 10, 2024.

  1. travelinhobo

    travelinhobo New Member

    I saw a podiatrist the other day for 4 problems I'm having, but he was a dud. If anyone with PERSONAL experience on these 2 topics can respond, that would be great.

    3.5 years ago I noticed that the toes on my right foot were "curling". (Can't get the photos downloaded.) The doctor claimed it's hammer toe and I can try "Correct toes". After doing research and looking at numerous photos, I think he's a quack. Possibly I have mallet toes, but the best photo comparable to what mine look like is Adductovarus. (look up curly-toes and click on careforfeet@uk for pic - you have to belong to the exclusive club here to have this right to post a link) Any opinions? Have any of you used Correct toes? Do they work, are they worth it, approximately how often do you have to replace them, is there anything you didn't like about them? Are they acceptable for mallet toes and adductovarus? I have no pain or discomfort at this point. Of the causes for this condition, my feet aren't applicable for any of them. I have worn wide sneakers at least one size larger than normal (due to inserts) since switching back to sneakers 5 years ago. The doctor claimed it can be caused from wearing sandals, which I did for 9 years exclusively. But I've never heard of sandal wearing causing deformities. (Most of my sandals were from known companies like Teva.) Any comments on this?

    Last June I noticed that the big toe on my right foot was moving under the 2nd toe. (I suspected it was from the bunion on that foot and the doctor kind of confirmed that.) I bought a Spacer for $5 at the market, however, after several wearings, my foot was in too much discomfort so I returned it. I was afraid of doing more damage to the bunion. The doctor claimed this condition is called Underlying or Overlying. He offered me 2 spacers, but when I told him of my experience with them last summer, he had nothing to say. And when I asked if a spacer shouldn't be as tall as the toe he responded as if I was a dumba. Obviously, you're not supposed to have pain when trying to improve a condition. Do these things actually work at all? Are you supposed to have discomfort when wearing it? Is it supposed to wiggle back and forth when walking? What is your opinion of them? That 2nd toe is also starting to curl, so wouldn't it be better to try the Correct Toes on my left foot, as well? Any comments from experienced users are appreciated. Bunion surgery isn't financially possible and real orthotics are also too expensive.

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